Sunday, June 14, 2009

Of Meetings and Chances

Blessings in disguise:
New friends,
Bal, Joseph, Gerald,
The practical nurses.
They remembered me.

Extra blanket.
'Better watch Devdas and cry'.

Darussyifa', Bangi.
Harun Din treats the first 200.
Owh... 'takda rezeki'.

By chance, 251.
Went in.
Wait outside, waiting for uncle's turn,

A man approached, a 'perawat'.
'Bang, ambil borang ni, isi, terus masuk dalam'.

Thank you Allah, for all your blessings.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Dunno why...

But I could still smell the odour of the hand sanitizer and the oxygen mask.
The smell of, a hospital.

That is...

P/s: Owh... I'm already at home. I'd been discharged on Sunday afternoon. Alhamdulillah I don't have to stay longer like last time, for the blood from the wound was draining fast. For the 1st surgery, it came out very slowly (initial night, 40cc), but real fast for this time (150cc for the initial night, and sudden plunge to only 2cc for the next night). Thank God they don't make me stay for hematoma whatsoever too. Tolerating better with anaesthesia, no throwing up whatsoever, but with greater post-op pain. Need to go back to the hospital this morning to draw out some blood, and set the date yadda yadda for the radio-iodine therapy at HKL.