Friday, November 25, 2011

2PM Hands Up Asia Tour in Malaysia 2011

It came as a surprise, a very big surprise.

Never plan for it, at all.

A text from Chazzie last Wednesday saying she wanted to meet me. Thinking that she's here to meet Fatone, I said ok, planning to go home early on Thurday as it is a long weekend.

Then, she revealed the real thing. She (and Nana!) won a pair of tickets for the concert. with passes to the hi-5 session.

And the rest is history.

Well, the hi-5 session was short. Very short. I can still remember Nickhun's smile, he was the friendliest. And Taec's smile too, though he seems like in an auto-pilot mode. His eyes were dreamy, and he was as if he was not really there. All of them looked tired.

The concert.

I totally can't recall the song-list. Totally. I take the saying 'carpe diem' in every sense. I spent most of my time concentrating on the performances, and oogling on Taecyeon and Nickhun every time they came to our section.

I might do a recap when I get photos or videos of the concert, when I'm able to recall things.

Some highlights or little details that I like to record for memory's sake

-Taec kissed the roses before he gave it out to the fans.
-Heartbeat is daebak, theatrical and very dramatic.
-Taec jumped off to our section, even jumped off a barricade to go further up. Much to the dismay of his dancer and the security personnel though. Haha.
-They are very energetic throughout the concert.

Really, I can't remember everything! I've been reminding myself to enjoy the moment, and I really did. Up until I remember nothing, after the occasion. Haha.

This ranting is incomprehensible. Should sleep now, it seems. kkkk